Meet Lalit Mohan: The Founder IKillGraphix Is Ruling the Graphic World With His Quality Work


The enhancements in the technology sector are reaching high, and the Graphics industry is not behind. The innovative, creative brains are working hard to sustain themselves in this competitive industry. In today’s scenario, graphics is the mirror of your products, company, or any small thing. It is a visual communication method that intends to transmit a particular message to social groups. Graphics designing is an art of visual communication that blends images, words, and various ideas to convey your thoughts to the public. Meet one such brilliant Graphic designer, Lalit Mohan, presently killing the graphic world with his impressive work!

Lalit Mohan is the founder of iKillGraphix, a reputed graphic designing company that creates graphics for the music industry. “I always wanted to create a unique career for myself, and I chose graphics designing. I was fascinated with the working style and creative side”, says ace Graphic designer, music producer, and video editor Lalit Mohan.

In the year 2012, Lalit Mohan founded iKillGraphix to create designs for the music industry. He has designed single covers for Lil Flip, Nino Brown, Byg Byrd (BrownBoys) BigBoiDeep (BrownBoys), and many underground American artists. Initially, he used to design as an amateur but later when his work received immense appreciation and compliments, he started doing it professionally. Lalit Mohan today is a pro designer capable of making all kinds of graphics. His graphics are mostly associated with hip hop. 

Wondering about the unique company name ‘iKillGraphix’ Lalit told a very interesting story behind the name. He said, “Whenever I used to send the completed work to clients, I always receive compliments from them like, ‘You Killed It!” These comments and compliments impressed me, and thus, when I started my own company, I decided to keep my artist name iKillGraphix!”

Talking about the work front scenario, Lalit explained that iKillGraphix is not just limited to delivering only the graphical work but maintaining a good and long relationship is also the motto of the company. 

Lalit Mohan is born and brought up in Chandigarh. He has completed his Graduation Degree in Animation, VFX, & Gaming from the reputed Chandigarh University in 2019. 

About his upcoming projects, Lalit said, “Few projects are lined, up, and few are in the queue. Our company delivers quality work, and thus, we get impressive results and compliments from our clients. It is almost ten years in the designing industry, and we have successfully delivered quality work to many artists and shall continue forever!” 

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