Who is Mohammad Fatemi

Mohammad Fatemi (conceived May 23, 2000) is an Iranian artist, entertainer, lyricist, music arranger, and writer living in Tehran, Iran. He began his profession in the music business at 11 years old because of his advantage in music. At 12 years old, he became capable in playing the piano and guitar, and his endeavors to figure out how to make drove him to deliver and orchestrate music for a long time. In spite of the fact that he likes to create music for amateur craftsmen, he has teamed up with large numbers of the nation's driving singers.He delivered his first tune in 2019 as "Darmoone Dardam" and his second tune as "Deltangi" in 2020.

Up until this point, Mohammad Fatemi has formed and distributed in excess of 28 game plans, 35 arrangements and 9 tunes for artists.

Also (Mohammad Fatemi) is likewise dynamic in the field of acting in film and TV

Mohammad Fatemi distributes his works straightforwardly on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and so forth

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