Lakshay Gupta , with his unique vibe , he becaome sucessful artist and enterpreneur


The fascination with music is something that transcends generations. Whether you are an old soul, a hipster or a baby boomer, there is always something to enjoy in music. 

Lakshay Gupta is 19 year old boy and he is making music with his laptop. He has uploaded his songs in YouTube and his videos have received a lot of views.

The youthful and energetic spirit of the rhythm and the tune constantly captures us.

The way we consume music has changed as well as the perception of it. Music has become more than just a part of our lives; it shapes our days and determines what mood we set for ourselves in any given moment. With new technologies coming out every year, how has this changed how we experience music.

There are still those who love to purchase albums on CD and cassette tapes for their collection. Others appreciate the convenience of digital files which come with variable data rates and can be streamed from anywhere on any device at any time. And been playing the guitar from the age of 13. Lakshay gupta follows hinduism, and hold indian identity

In addition he recently started showing his tech realted content too on Instagram getting lots of through reels he is doing great if he follow his path i think we might find another star.

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