Harsh Sharma: The story of an emerging musical artist and entrepreneur

Harsh Sharma professionally known as "The Harshy" is a successful musician, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. He started his career as a YouTuber at the age of 15 and became famous as a teenager. Ever since he was a little boy, The Harshy was always interested in music and always wanted to be a musician. He grew up listening to different genres of music like rock, pop, hip-hop, and many others.—Harsh Sharma, professionally known as The Harshy, is an Indian musician with a YouTube channel named The Harshy. His YouTube content mostly deals with popular Bollywood songs and tweaking them to lo-fi slowed and reverbed. Harsh Sharma was born on 1 August 2002 in Udhampur, Jammu, and Kashmir. The internet has been a blessing for the budding artist who has been able to show his skills to the world without having to go out of town or go abroad for further education or experience. This internationally-renowned young talent can now reach millions of viewers across borders instantly through his YouTube channel which he started off as a hobby back in 2019. He started off his career as a YouTuber at the age of 15 and became famous as a teenager. After the end of his career as an active musician, he started his YouTube channel on YouTube at the age of fifteen. "The Harshy" has been able to share his experiences and knowledge on music, be it guitar, drumming, recording software, etc. with the help of a record label such as The Harshy has signed him up. He has also released several songs which have been released on YouTube and other streaming platforms. The Harshy became famous after he uploaded his first video titled 'Smoke'. He later uploaded other videos and soon became popular. He is now an entrepreneur with a successful music career.

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