Shanti Chaudhary: A popular Artist From Jalore Rajasthan


Today's girls are not less than the extremes in any field, we know how to make a name and identity on the strength of our talent, this is to say of Shanti Chaudhary, the promising daughter of Ruparam, resident of village Khokha, Bhinmal, district Jalore.

Shanti Chaudhary told that I was fond of acting since childhood, so in 2017 I started my passion from home. I started my professional career through dancing, through this art, my aim is to keep alive the culture and costumes of Rajasthan. Shanti further said that I always keep positive thinking. 

Shanti Chaudhary releases so many projects like Kagalo , Choudhary Zamindar , Bansa Tharo Bangla and so many songs.

I have received immense support and support from family and friends since the very beginning. For me my parents and brothers are the source of inspiration. Talking about the achievements of peace, she has been honored with Rajasthan Nritya Kala Ratna Award at Bikaner and Jat Gaurav Samman in International Jat Parliament.

Shanti told that in her upcoming projects there are projects related to acting and dancing which are coming soon. Shanti's Future Dream is to illuminate the name of village, district and state in dance art.



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