Goel Medicos owner Basant Goel provides educational grants to underprivileged students


New Delhi, 27th September 2021: Devastated by the traumatic Kedarnath flooding in 2013, Basant Goel, the owner of Goel Medicos, started the novel endeavor of financing the education of unprivileged students who had lost their parents or elders of the family.  


 Considering that apart from the education fees there are miscellaneous auxiliary expenses like mess fees, books expenses, transportation, etc. that need to be taken care of, Basant Goel provides funds on a yearly basis that looks after the additional costs of the students.  


 Till date, the pharmacist has helped over 150 – 200 students. He has collaborated with Swami Dayanand Hospital to finance the education of nursing students. At the school level, many students have fetched fruitful results and successfully cleared medical and engineering exams. 


 On the occasion, Basant Goel said, “Witnessing the lethal impact of Kedarnath flooding, I realized that there were many children who survived their families and were left to live alone. Considering that they had no source of income, I decided to offer whatever little was in my hand to secure the future of even one child. But by God’s grace, I was able to serve a generous number of students over the time.”


Started with the aim to help the Kedarnath flood victims, with time Basant Goel channelized the endeavor into an integrated philanthropic work where all the needy students are provided extra financial help to meet the educational expenses. 


 Currently, the entire endeavor is functional in the Delhi NCR region but with time Basant Goel aspires to reach the novel deed throughout the country. 


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